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Anthropocene Wins Excellence in Journalism Award

Anthropocene Magazine is the recipient of the 2017 Excellence in Journalism Award from the Renewable Natural Resources Foundation. Established in 2001, the award honors and encourages excellence in print journalism about natural resources.

The Great Decoupling

Global carbon emissions historically have risen in lockstep with GDP. But in recent years, emissions have stabilized in the absence of economic crises. That is a first.

By Robert B. Jackson and colleagues

How Much Energy Will the World Need?

Any climate plan that doesn’t consider this question is bound to fail

By W.Wayt Gibbs

How Much Energy Will the World Need?

Any climate plan that doesn’t consider this question is bound to fail

By W.Wayt Gibbs

Human-Driven Evolution Is a Hallmark of the Anthropocene

The Human Age will be shaped by the species we create and foster as well as the ones we kill off


Soundscape ecology plunges us into a wilder world beyond the mundane and merely visual

Cutting Loose the Climate Future from the Carbon Past

Geoengineering demands a new way of looking at the world—one that can be troubling.

By Oliver Morton

The Circular Economy Made Real

In more and more pockets of the industrial landscape, the byproducts of one process are becoming the raw materials for another, trash is getting a useful second life, and waste is becoming a thing of the past

By Lindsey Doermann

Artificial Intelligence and Decarbonization

New experiments are pushing artificial intelligence and sensor networks into the grid—and into factories, data centers, and transit systems—in order to pull fossil fuels out.

By Mark Harris

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