You Pay or We Drill

When Ecuador asked the world for $3.6 billion to not drill for oil, the world balked. But in terms of reining in carbon, Ecuador may be on to something.

Even extreme emission cuts yield extreme weather

Even if the nations of the world are able to achieve sharp cuts in carbon emissions to achieve the aspirational goals of the Paris Agreement and limit warming to 1.5-2°C, the frequency of extreme weather will increase.

Bacteria-Powered Solar Cell Would Work When Cloudy

A new kind of solar cell uses bacteria instead of silicon to convert sunlight into electricity. It could lead to a cheap, sustainable way to generate electricity even when skies are overcast or the light is dim.

Bringing effective altruism to conservation

How many animal lives are impacted by restoring a prairie ecosystem or a protecting a swamp? That's the sort of number so-called effective altruists look for when deciding where to put their philanthropic funds, and it represents both a challenge and an opportunity for conservation.