Smartphones are warming the planet far more than you think

Greenhouse gas emissions from computers, phones, and data centers could grow from about 1 percent of global emissions in 2007 to over 14 percent in 2040. The carbon footprint of smartphones will exceed that of desktop computers, laptops, and displays.

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Rapid evolution may help some city creatures stand the heat

A new study of urban and rural acorn ants is one of the first to capitalize on the fact that cities tend to be a few degrees warmer than surrounding rural areas to demonstrate evolution in action over the course of just a few generations.

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How leopards in Mumbai may save human lives

It’s often not easy to live beside big predators. People have an instinctive and very understandable wariness of large, meating-eating wild animals, and they’re perceived through a lens tinted by centuries of fear and persecution. Yet we might accept these animals as neighbors, or at least appreciate when their ecological effects coincide with our own goals — such as preventing rabies in the Indian city of Mumbai.

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