Rewilding Reptiles to Eco-Engineer the Anthropocene

Reptiles are rarely regarded as ecosystem engineers — an oversight that’s repeated often when it comes to reptiles, and limits our vision of just how ecologically important they’ve been and how important they might yet be again.

Could lab-grown meat actually make climate change worse?

Lab-cultured meat might not be all it's cracked up to be. That's the finding of a new study which shows that methods used to produce this futuristic food might pump huge quantities of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere that would linger for centuries to come. But the research has a few critical caveats.

Why geoengineering might not save crops from climate change

If we inject sun-reflecting particles into the atmosphere, we could create a cooler planet—and it seems logical that this would benefit crops troubled by heat stress. But a new study discovers that geoengineering might harm crops, not help them.

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