Maps of the New World

How do we think about our future place in a geographically altered world? A map is a good place to start.

nbsp | AnthropocenenbspClimate change is forcing map makers to redraw the world Cartographers of the Anthropocene are beginning to map the future As climate change scrambles geographies its time to redraw Earth

A View from Everywhere  All the Time

Tech companies are rapidly networking the environment in ways that will transform our perception of nature—just as social media reshaped our relationships with each other. What could possibly go wrong?

nbsp | AnthropocenenbspA View from Everywhere All the Time


Soundscape ecology plunges us into a wilder world beyond the mundane and merely visual

nbsp | AnthropocenenbspBiophony

Picturing a Way Forward

An interview with Kim Stanley Robinson: Climate change, science fiction, and our collective failure of imagination

nbsp | AnthropocenenbspPicturing a Way Forward | Kim Stanley Robinson Interview Kim Stanley Robinson discusses climate fiction and the failure of our collective failure of imagination | Anthropocene Magazine | Anthropocene Magazine

Blurring Life’s Boundaries

Darwinian theory is based on the idea that heredity flows vertically, parent to offspring, and that life’s history has branched like a tree. Now we know otherwise: that the ‘tree' of life isn’t that simple.

nbsp | AnthropocenenbspBlurring Lifes Boundaries
nbsp | AnthropocenenbspArticles about the Anthropocene | Anthropocene Magazine Creating a Human Age we actually want to live in | A publication of Future Earth

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