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Lindsey Doermann

Lindsey Doermann is a freelance science writer based in Seattle, Washington.
Hacking Nature

For decades, humans have modeled technology on observations of the natural world. But new discoveries about nature—and tools for manipulating it—have opened up novel approaches potentially more powerful than mere imitation to solving Human Age problems.

The Circular Economy Made Real

In more and more pockets of the industrial landscape, the byproducts of one process are becoming the raw materials for another, trash is getting a useful second life, and waste is becoming a thing of the past.

To Upcycle Fast Fashion Melt Down Clothes

IDEA WATCH  JULY 2017 To Upcycle Fast Fashion Melt Down Clothes By Lindsey Doermann Fast fashion—affordable clothing that tends to be tossed after only a handful of wears—takes a hefty environmental toll. Growing cotton, for example, requires copious amounts of...