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Classroom Resources: Aux Barricades!

By Jon Christensen

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Discussion Questions

  1. What is the central difference of opinion on nature reserve design that this article highlights?
  2. What does the author mean by “fortress conservation”?  Do you think this is a fair portrayal?  What information do you feel you need to formulate your own opinion?
  3. The author uses several metaphors of conflict—”fortress,” “smoking gun,” “barricades,” and others.  What does this language convey about his message?  What do you think of this word choice?
  4. Check out the websites listed below of organizations that purport to do community-based conservation.  Are their approaches similar?  Do they fit the notion of community conservation as described by Christensen in the article?

Websites for Further Information

More Information on Community-based Conservation

  • Berkes, F.  2004.  Rethinking community-based conservation.  Conservation Biology 18: 621-630.

Key Concepts

  • Community-based conservation
  • Nature reserve design
  • Conservation policy
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