Biodiversity Stories

In this new epoch, human influence is ubiquitous in the natural world. Coverage of terrestrial, freshwater, and marine ecosystems in Anthropocene magazine takes a critical look at humans’ changing relationship with the natural world—and ways to promote biodiversity in the novel ecosystems we’ve created.

Hacking Nature

For decades, humans have modeled technology on observations of the natural world. But new discoveries about nature—and tools for manipulating it—have opened up novel approaches potentially more powerful than mere imitation to solving Human Age problems.

nbsp | AnthropocenenbspHacking Nature


The idea is pretty much what it sounds like. The trick is to get from here to there.

nbsp pyrodiversity | AnthropocenenbspPyrodiversity A range of fire types and intensities creates a healthy variety of plants and animals that in turn help prevent huge wildfires
nbsp | AnthropocenenbspBiodiversity Conservation Articles | Anthropocene Magazine A compendium of the latest sustainability science and innovations

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