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January-March, 2009

Volume 10, Number 1


The Mushroom Messiah
Faced with bioterrorism, fuel shortages, and a warming planet, where should we turn for solutions:  a) religion, b) technology, or c) fungus?
By John Weier

The Nature of the Fiscal World
Will the environment gain or lose from the financial meltdown and its economic aftermath?
By Tali Woodward

Not So Silent Spring
Blackbirds in Europe are mimicking car alarms, ambulance sirens, and cell phones at jarringly life-like volumes. And they aren’t the only wildlife switching frequencies in order to be heard over the human din.
By Dawn Stover


A Light in the Forest Wireless sensors draw energy from trees
Coal Mine Aquaculture Water from abandoned mines is perfect for trout
Artificial Upwelling Self-powered pumps keep coral cool as oceans warm
20,000 Eyes Under the Sea Swarms of robotic sensors draw power and data from the ocean
Flying Whale Fins High-efficiency windmill blades patterned after humpback flippers

Lighten Up

Cartoons by Pete Mueller and Tom Toles. Print Only.


Music Theory Print Only
by David Rothenberg

Journal Watch

Incentives to catch fewer fish
Coping with a CO2 hangover
Old forests keep the planet cool
Night lights threaten coral reefs
Invasive plants boost diversity
Chimps disappear in West Africa
Dogs, not wolves, rob farms
Fish that save coral reefs
A 2,000-year history of fire
Permafrost is here to stay

Book Marks

The Better to Eat You With: Fear in the Animal World

Think Again

The World’s Most Dangerous Nature Reserve Print Only.
By Mark Tran

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