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Spring 2013

Volume 14, Number 1


Zoo Futures
Caught between circuses, theme parks, museums, and menageries, zoos are struggling to be leaders in the conservation world. Getting there may mean letting some animals go.
By Jon Cohen

Restorative Art
The world is but a canvas to those who are turning ecological restoration into works of art.
By Sarah DeWeerdt

Fertility Treatments
When Fritz Haber first showed the world how to fix nitrogen from thin air, the results were earth-shattering. Synthetic fertilizer fueled the green revolution and set off a population bomb. Now, 100 years later, we need another soil fertility breakthrough—one without the ecological casualties.
By James McWilliams

Purple Pipes
. . . and other tales of innovative water conservation in unlikely places.
By Charles Fishman

Background Check

Which Light Is Greenest?


Pay It Forward
Wildlife premiums incentivize conservation in rural communities

Knowledge Is Power
Wireless sensor networks could revolutionize energy conservation

Farming Flies to Save the Ocean (print only)
Ecofriendly aquaculture starts with a diet of protein-rich fly maggots

Homeostatic Building Façade
Architectural skin regulates indoor temperature by expanding and contracting like muscles

Stepping Off the Grid
Energy-generating tiles harness the power of foot traffic

Think Again

Good-bye Sustainability, Hello Resilience
By Andrew Zolli

Journal Watch

Tree loss and human health
Google habitat view
Rethinking worldwide drought stats
Moral appeals for green behavior
Cigarettes line city bird nests
New fabric from hagfish
Wolf fears on the rise

The Essayist

Touch Me Not
What a plant feels
By Daniel Chamovitz

Mixed Media

Coping with Ecological Anxiety
A Review of All Natural
By Emma Marris

Art & Science
Classic paintings remastered and deforested


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