Summer 2013

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Volume 14, Number 2


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Vino Ecology Some of the best winemaking regions sit on the same real estate as the most biologically rich habitats on Earth. As vineyards are expanding worldwide, so is a new conservation science. By David Malakoff

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Visualizing CO2 Because seeing is believing Photo Essay

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Ditto Forget woolly mammoths. The business of copying cats is quietly making headway. First, scientists reprogrammed eggs from everyday house cats to contain instructions for building wild ones. Then they started churning out small endangered cats. Next up: Lions and Canadian lynx. By Emily Anthes


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(Natural) Gas Pains The recent natural gas boom has divided the green community. While some see an environmental train wreck, others envision a bridge to wind and solar. Either way, the transition to a zero carbon energy future could get uncomfortable. By John Carey

Background Check

nbsp soap | AnthropocenenbspSummer 2013

Bar Soap vs. Liquid Soap
Which Is Greener?
By David Tyler



nbsp storageshed | AnthropocenenbspSummer 2013

Energy Storage Wars
Compressed air technology is an underdog to watch
By Dave Levitan

nbsp digitaltree | AnthropocenenbspSummer 2013

Calculate the value of the urban forest
By Sarah DeWeerdt

nbsp flukerpost | AnthropocenenbspSummer 2013

Point, Shoot, Post
Crowdsourced monitoring made simple
By Caroline James

nbsp brickbiotope | AnthropocenenbspSummer 2013

Brick Biotope
Bird habitat built into the wall
By Lindsey Doermann

nbsp fishtags | AnthropocenenbspSummer 2013

Satellite Tags Made to Order
3-D printing meets fish tracking
By Sarah DeWeerdt

nbsp inkdrop | AnthropocenenbspSummer 2013

Fingerprinting Fracking Fluid
New tracers could resolve water contamination questions
By Dave Levitan


Think Again

nbsp urbanwildlife | AnthropocenenbspSummer 2013

There Goes the Neighborhood
A surprising wildlife comeback sets off new nature wars
By Jim Sterba


Journal Watch

Urban climate control
Climate change and turbulence
Mercury rising in seafood
Bushmeat hunting threatens tropical trees
Swallows evolve to dodge cars
Invasive crabs restore salt marshes
Backyard leopards


The Essayist

nbsp nightskyeye | AnthropocenenbspSummer 2013

Night Vision
The world’s first International Dark Sky Island
By Paul Bogard


Mixed Media

nbsp loverat | AnthropocenenbspSummer 2013

Gathering Emotional Intelligence
A Review of Animal Wise
By Jason G. Goldman

nbsp sandartsurfers | AnthropocenenbspSummer 2013

Fleeting Beauty Jim Denevan’s sand art

nbsp snowpackcabinet | AnthropocenenbspSummer 2013

Holding Water A cabinet modeled after snowpack data


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