Summer 2014

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Volume 15, Number 2



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Spies Like Us
Armed with low-cost surveillance technologies, nonprofits aided by “citizen spies” are tracking fracking in Pennsylvania, flaring in North Dakota, and rogue fishing around Easter Island.
By W. Wayt Gibbs


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What to Do with Leftovers
Cities are recycling old and outdated infrastructure in creative new ways.
Photo Essay


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A radical rethinking of our fast food future: Eat insects, not cows.
By Daniella Martin


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What Are the Odds?
Clear away all the politics and rhetoric, and climate change risk is simply a numbers game. And the insurance industry has a lot of skin in that game.
By Maggie Koerth-Baker, McKenzie Funk, and Scott Gabriel Knowles


Background Check


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Diesel vs. Electric Buses
By David Tyler




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Farming food and fuel, side by side
By Courtney White


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Citywide Solar
A new tool demonstrates the collective power of urban rooftops


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Non-Toxic Flame Retardants Made from Milk
By John R. Platt


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Collapsible Commute
The Sada Bike’s full-sized frame folds down to the size of an umbrella


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Self-Destructing Trees Make Cheaper Biofuels
By Robert F. Service


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Ocean Floor Mats Send Power to the Surface
By Dave Levitan



Think Again


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Sense and Sensibility (print only)
What cyborg cockroaches can teach us about pain and empathy
By Brandon Keim



Quick Study

The First Line of Hurricane Defense: Wind Turbines
The Things They Carried
Is It Contagious?
Too Many Butts on the Beach
Coffee Farmers Can Control Pests with More Trees and Birds
Climate Change Attitudes Are as Variable as the Weather
The Salamander on the 18th Fairway


The Essayist


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Pace Yourself
The virtues of ballparks and beaches
By Jeffrey Alan Lockwood



Mixed Media


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Neuroscience at Sea
Erik Vance reviews Blue Mind by Wallace J. Nichols


nbsp particlefalls | AnthropocenenbspSummer 2014


Particle Falls
Artist Andrea Polli projects air quality data onto Philadelphia’s Wilma Theater in real time


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Did You Hear the One about CO2?
The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change


More to the Story

Free the seed
Does wood construction benefit the climate?
Conservation and poverty reduction
Solar is big­—and cheap—in Texas
Dietary restrictions