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April-June, 2009

Volume 10, Number 1


Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
If, as researchers are predicting, carbon dioxide increases will lock in rising seas for a thousand years, then it’s time to consider some radical proposals that run headlong into conventional environmental wisdom
By Jim Robbins

Biofuels Déjà Vu
Lured by dreams of “green” fuel, could we end up trampling biodiversity in the name of saving the planet?
By David Malakoff

Taming the Blue Frontier
Ten thousand years ago, humans made the shift on land from hunting and gathering to farming. Now the same transformation is taking place at sea. This time, can we get it right?
By Sarah Simpson


Red Light. Green Light. Preventing bird collisions may be as easy as switching bulbs
Where the Sidewalk Ends
A new kind of cement soaks up CO2
More Womb for Sharks
Artificial uterus is designed to increase shark populations
Bat Tunnels
Special highway underpasses restore bat migrations

Lighten Up

Cartoons by Roz Chast. Print Only.


Prairie Ghost.Print Only.
By William Stolzenburg

Journal Watch

Hotspot under Antarctic ice
Buffalo culls are overkill
Daytime light pollution

Species on the move, but where to?

More pollution, more fish?
Biofuel capacity overblown
Kill a rat, save a seabird?

Shade-grown coffee wins—again
Shiny crops fight global warming

Biodiversity in war zones

Book Marks

Flying Solo: The Conservation Hero Re-examined

Think Again

War and Peace by James Lovelock

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