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October-December, 2009


Volume 10, Number 4


Troubled Teens
A new generation of unruly adolescent wildlife has some experts wondering whether what we’re missing isn’t so much habitat as adult supervision.
By Dawn Stover

The (Un)Natural Order of Things
Have we unwittingly exchanged the language of the living world—the names of real plants and animals—for a vocabulary of Tony the Tigers and Geico geckos?
By Carol Kaesuk Yoon

Be Fruitful & Multiply?
Population growth, from an environmental viewpoint, has always seemed like an open-and-shut case. Less is more. But what if that equation has changed?
By David Malakoff


Up on the Farm Growing 11,000 heads of lettuce in a space the size of five parking spots
Sick Puppies
Prairie dogs served up Jell-O spiked with ‘black death’ vaccine
Electric Sweat
Synthetic leaf generates power with tiny beads of water
An Ounce of Prevention
High-tech chip delivers early diagnosis of coral disease
Invasion of the Flying Fish
A wall of bubbles could stop the onslaught of millions of Asian carp
A Shady Scheme
Radical plan would grow a massive forest in the Sahara to cool the planet

Lighten Up

Cartoons by Sidney Harris. Print Only.


Survivor By Eric Roston

Journal Watch

Cities store more CO2 than tropical rainforests
New twist on Cold War

Fish-free fish feed
Another black mark for biofuels
Invasive species love a recession
Frog legs: yummy but deadly
Designing an artificial river
Shipwreck unleashes mysterious plague
Carbon sinks under Antarctic ice

A radical alternative to marine reserves

Book Marks

Think Again

Bathtub Analogy Doesn’t Hold Water by William Chameides

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