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July-September, 2009

Cover Volume 10 Number 3

Volume 10, Number 3


Is a Warmer World a Sicker World?
As scientists piece together how climate impacts disease, strange patterns are emerging: mosquito outbreaks can follow drought, shorter migrations can make butterflies sick, and more birds (not fewer) can ward off West Nile virus.
By Roberta Kwok

Operation Sex Change
Imagine waking up to discover that your mother, your sister, and your friends’ wives are all men. That could be reality for invasive fish if a radical plan to exterminate them takes shape.
By Cynthia Mills

On the Fence
People construct fences, sometimes across whole continents­, on the poetic assumption that good fences make good neighbors. Unfortunately, for wildlife, gated communities are rarely tranquil.
By Doug Fox


Winging It Feather-like spines could reduce vehicles’ fuel consumption
Escape Artist
The supremely flexible octopus inspires a new generation of robots
Carbon Gets Stoned
Injecting CO2 into subsurface rocks could provide permanent storage
Telltale Stripes
Wrapping virtual skins on 3-D models helps track individual tigers

Lighten Up

Cartoons by Pete Mueller. Print Only.


Growing in the Dark Print Only. By Nalini Nadkarni

Journal Watch

Cambodia’s Trail of Guns
Back to Nature
A Drink or Drive Issue
The Forest Giveth and Taketh Away
Undocumented Immigrants
Boom Towns Busted
Bite the Bullet
Sponge Surgery
Scat from Space

Trial by Fire
Much Abuzz About Nothing?

Book Marks

The Medea Hypothesis

Think Again

Go North and Multiply Print Only by Catherine Brahic

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