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Winter 2012

Volume 12, Number 4


Chasing Rainbows
Lured by a utopian vision of nature, government agencies for decades carpet-bombed thousands of remote mountain lakes with billions of trout. Now, they’re determined to undo the damage they caused.
By Anders Halverson

Top This
The next generation of green roofs is downright cool—to look at and to live under.

Changing the Battery
As the world goes wireless and gears up for an all-electric roadway, the demand for lithium, crucial to all things mobile, could get dangerous—at least for the flamingos of Bolivia. But the future may hold a better, kinder battery—or maybe no battery at all.
By Michael Abrams

Green Aftershocks
How is the worldwide financial crisis changing conservation? There’s some good news—and there’s some bad news . . .
Dispatches from the Economic Meltdown


Minister of Cultures
John Nielsen talks with Gary Paul Nabhan about conserving the biodiversity of flavor.


Captive Breeding
Behind bars, prisoners work to rehabilitate endangered species
Bee Line
Crop-raiding elephants don’t mess with beehive fences
Wave Catchers
A new fleet of ships may soon ply the ocean, fishing for energy
In-Shoe Technology
A quick stroll could recharge your phone

Think Again

There’s Got To Be a Better Way (print only)
By Gernot Wagner

Journal Watch

By David Malakoff

Wildlife and cattle need not compete
Invasive insects have a costly bite
The Web downplays local conservation
Clothes washers pump plastic into the ocean
White roofs may not cool the planet
Protected species entice trophy hunters
Bird diversity increases home values
Exotic worms threaten birds
Researchers tally bird crashes
Regulations work for sea turtles

The Essayist

3.9 Degrees of Separation
By Elin Kelsey


Conservation Everywhere
A review of Emma Marris’s Rambunctious Garden
By Jon Christensen

Art & Science
Extraordinary silk batiks portray Earth from above

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