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Winter 2013

Volume 13, Number 4


The Oiliest Catch
Menhaden is a modest little fish so rich in oil that it’s sometimes called the soybean of the sea. But scooping them up to fuel the Omega-3 fish oil craze could pull the rug out from under the entire Atlantic coastal food chain.
By Richard Conniff

Change Your Clothes
What if the power suit of the future could actually generate power?
Photo Essay

Heirloom Technology
We buy and abandon costly, tantalizing, resource-intensive gadgets with remarkable speed. One way to break free is to rethink not only an object’s design but also how we use it. Example? Hand-crank your cell phone.
By David Owen

Logging by Number
A technology borrowed from supermarket checkouts is poised to revolutionize rainforest conservation from Africa and Indonesia to Latin America.
By Fred Pearce


The Origins of Running Shoes


High-Altitude Wind Power
Move over, Ben Franklin. Electricity from kites is back.
Eco-Flip That House (print only)
Energy-efficient remodels are greening the real-estate glut
A More Transparent Energy Plan
See-through solar cells turn windows into power sources
Water Bear Inspires Refrigeration-free Storage

Collapsible Shipping Containers
A simple design could shrink the energy footprint of moving cargo

Think Again

Are There Too Many People on the Planet?
by Peter Kareiva

Journal Watch

Ocean sprawl and jellyfish blooms
Tigers in the night
MRSA in wildlife
Tapping out wind power
City planning for birds
Healthy sustainable seafood
Green business productivity
Hands-off forestry

The Essayist

Return of the Nature Lovers (print only)
A 21st-century citizen naturalist revival
By Richard Louv

Mixed Media

An Ecological Whodunit
A Review of Spillover
By Jeffrey A. Lockwood

Art & Science
Botanicus Interacticus


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