Energy & Decarbonization Stories

Capping and/or mitigating global warming requires a rapid shift to low-carbon socio-economic systems. From stories about scaling up renewable energy to pioneering work in solar fuels to carbon capture and storage technologies, Anthropocene magazine aims to be a leading voice in the conversation about this great transition.

A spoonful of sugar makes a better battery

Lithium-sulfur batteries can store 5x more energy than their lithium-ion counterparts and are more environmentally friendly. This sweet maneuver could get them market-ready by boosting longevity.

nbsp better lithium battery | AnthropocenenbspA spoonful of sugar makes a better battery

The Race to Reinvent Cement

The material that built the modern world is due for an upgrade. What if we could transform cement from a climate wrecker
into a carbon sponge?

nbsp | AnthropocenenbspThe Race to Reinvent Cement

Visualizing Carbon

Pictures make a story come alive—and in the climate change story, one of the main characters is invisible. Carbon Visuals helps people “see” the carbon dioxide that’s trapping heat in Earth’s atmosphere.

nbsp | AnthropocenenbspVisualizing Carbon
nbsp | AnthropocenenbspCarbon mitigation articles | Anthropocene Magazine A compendium of the latest sustainability science and innovations

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