Energy & Decarbonization Stories

Capping and/or mitigating global warming requires a rapid shift to low-carbon socio-economic systems. From stories about scaling up renewable energy to pioneering work in solar fuels to carbon capture and storage technologies, Anthropocene magazine aims to be a leading voice in the conversation about this great transition.

The Circular Economy Made Real

In more and more pockets of the industrial landscape, the byproducts of one process are becoming the raw materials for another, trash is getting a useful second life, and waste is becoming a thing of the past.

nbsp | AnthropocenenbspThe Circular Economy Made Real

Enhanced Rock Weathering

A geological process with a billion-year track record might boost crop yields and could lock up as much carbon as planting a trillion trees.

nbsp enhanced rock weathering | AnthropocenenbspEnhanced Rock Weathering | Anthropocene Magazine Spreading rock dust on farms aka enhanced rock weathering might boost crop yields and could lock up as much carbon as planting a trillion trees

Who’s Winning the Clean-tech Race?

You could be forgiven if you thought the European Union—historically a leader on low-carbon finance and policy efforts—would have a competitive edge in clean energy markets. But you would need to think again.

nbsp | AnthropocenenbspWhos Winning the Cleantech Race
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