Human & Ecological Health Stories

Scientists continue to uncover surprising connections between our own health and that of the environment around us. The Anthropocene provides rigorous reporting on cutting-edge research—for example, how urban biodiversity can cut down on the prevalence of allergies and how industrial pollution may contribute to antibiotic resistance.

When health care becomes a climate solution

A new analysis reveals how a rural clinic helped save more than 27 square kilometers of tropical Indonesian forest—equating to more than $65 million worth of avoided carbon emissions

nbsp | AnthropocenenbspProviding access to human healthcare aids climate health Often conservation hurts native people But coupling conservation with human healthcare reduces illegal logging and deforestation in tropical forests


The idea is pretty much what it sounds like. The trick is to get from here to there.

nbsp pyrodiversity | AnthropocenenbspPyrodiversity A range of fire types and intensities creates a healthy variety of plants and animals that in turn help prevent huge wildfires