Staff & Advisory Group
Kathryn Kohm
ounder, Editor-in-Chief, Anthropocene Magazine
Dame Frances Cairncross
Former Rector of Exeter College, Oxford University. Prior to her decade at Oxford, she was a journalist, spending 13 years on The Guardian as an economic columnist and 20 years at The Economist magazine as a senior editor.

Joshua Tewksbury
Founder of Anthropocene Magazine and director of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute 

W. Wayt Gibbs

W. Wayt Gibbs
Contributing Editor, Anthropocene Magazine and Editorial Director of the Climate Parables Project

David Biello
Science Curator for TED, former Environment & Energy Editor at Scientific Americanauthor of “The Unnatural World” published by Simon and Schuster, and PBS documentary host


Andrew Revkin
Director of the Initiative on Communication Innovation & Impact at Columbia Earth Institute. Previously, he spent more than 30 years covering climate change and other sustainability challenges, mostly for the New York Times.

Oliver Morton

Senior editor at the Economist responsible for the magazine’s briefing articles. Prior to that he was the Economist’s  Energy and Environment Editor as well as the Chief News and Features Editor at NatureHis 2016 book The Planet Remade was shortlisted for the Royal Society Insight Investment Science Book Prize.
Contributing Writers:

Brandon Keim is a freelance journalist specializing in animals, nature and science. He is the author of The Eye of the Sandpiper: Stories From the Living World and National Geographic Inside Animal Minds: What They Think, Feel, And Know. Connect with him on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Prachi Patel is a Pittsburgh-based freelance journalist who writes about energy, materials science, nanotechnology, biotechnology, and computing. Writes for Scientific AmericanIEEE Spectrum, Chemical & Engineering News, and MRS Bulletin. Find her at

Emma Bryce is a journalist based in London. As well as Anthropocene, her work has appeared in The Guardian, Wired Magazine UK, Audubon Magazine, The New York Times, Ensia, and Yale e360.

Sarah DeWeerdt is a Seattle-based freelance science journalist specializing in biology, medicine, and the environment. In addition to Anthropocene, her work has appeared in Nature, Newsweek, Nautilus, Spectrum, and many other publications. Find her on Twitter at @DeWeerdt_Sarah.

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