Ocean Stories

Anthropocene brings some of the best minds to bear on tough questions about the future of the Earth’s largest ecosystems: Should nations farm their EEZs—and how can they do it ecologically? Are there economically viable ways to harvest plastic waste? Can we cultivate acid- and heat-resilient coral reefs?

The new wildlife in town: Sharks

While many land-based predators such as wolves avoid cities, scientists tracking sharks in Florida's Biscayne Bay found the fish spent just as much time near Miami as away from it.

nbsp sharks in the city | AnthropocenenbspThe new wildlife in town Sharks | Anthropocene Magazine While wolves and other land predators avoid cities the oceans top predators dont

How many fish are in the sea?

Researchers are getting closer to an answer—and improved management—by identifying the DNA traces that fish leave behind in seawater

nbsp | AnthropocenenbspA liter of water is key to counting all the fish in the sea The ocean is awash in biological DNA And now researchers are mining microscopic environmental DNA to measure the density and diversity of fish stocks