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It’s time to upgrade not just our technology, but also our collective imagination.

Anthropocene has flipped the script on climate reporting, from despair to hope, guiding readers to advances in science, engineering, and conservation that will allow us to build a future we actually want to live in.

But what could that future look like?

Our newest and most forward-looking project aims to answer that question. Climate Parables is a series of short, speculative stories from some of the most talented climate-fiction writers. We ask them what life could be like after technological and societal shifts have actually mitigated climate change—and we’ve adapted to chronic environmental stresses. 

Think of it as climate reporting from the future. Tales of how we succeeded in harnessing new technology and science to work with nature, rather than against it. 

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Photos by Phillip Angert

Live Story Telling Events

We’re taking the Climate Parables from the page to the stage in a live event series.

The idea is to blend science and technology, fiction and non-fiction, video, art, and music in entirely new ways. All the skills we’ve honed through decades of science journalism—smart reporting, thorough fact checking, and professional editing—will add dimensions rarely seen on stage. But in delivery, the experience for the audience will feel very much like theater, an immersive experience that is in equal parts emotional and intellectual.

Our first shows sold out in San Francisco May 12 and 13, 2023, where we partnered with the Long Now Foundation and Back Pocket Media.

Next, we plan to take the Climate Parables Live to venues where climate professionals gather. Please contact us if you are interested in an event partnership.


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A Hidden Savior Finds The Lyme Light

A Hidden Savior Finds The Lyme Light

It’s 2070, and Super Lyme Disease is spreading across North America. When a mother loses her child to the disease, she goes on a crusade to fight it—with help from a cold-blooded hero.

Waterhouse Down

Waterhouse Down

A reporter visits the first subsea condominiums off the Great Barrier Reef in 2083. But what happens when the environment turns less pacific?

Firing Brimstone

Firing Brimstone

With 18 supersonic shots to the stratosphere, the Pina2bo system went fully operational right under the nose of an oblivious world. But would this hand-picked party of global elites back an American tycoon’s audacious scheme to reverse global warming?

The Almond Pirates

The Almond Pirates

In a future metropolis built deep into the walls of a canyon where it is cooler than the scorching surface temperatures above, the search for a lost cat uncovers an intricate waste recycling system and a band of almond pirates stealing precious water.

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